Meg Odell


Marquee Typeface

The idea of preserving history through type design is fascinating to me. This project was the perfect oportunity to preserve an old piece of Art Deco type by digitally re-creating letters from a theater marquee sign in Los Angeles.

This display typeface was the first typeface I made that can be downloaded and shared on any computer. Created on Robofont, it includes customized kerning between different letter combinations as well as ligatures and other special symbols.

Making this display font took a lot of time, but I found it to be very rewarding and would love the chance to work on creating another typeface in the future.

These letterforms were based off of 3D letters I found at an antique store. I created the entire alphabet using only the letters ‘F’, ‘U’, ‘N’ and ‘Q’ to work with. The ‘Q’ was my favorite with its unique triangle shape in place of a tail. I knew I wanted to have that letter included in the name of the typeface. Since the letters were used on an old theater marquee sign, I thought “MARQUEE” would be a perfect fit.