Meg Odell


Oregon Metro

Oregon Metro is our country’s only regional government. Metro helps keep our urban growth boundary in place, manages the zoo, takes care of our garbage and recycling, and runs the Portland Expo Center, Portland Center Stage, and the Convention Center.

This logo had to accommodate all of these roles, and also stand the test of time. Since Metro is a government entity, they are only budgeted to rebrand every 100 years. 

When I came in to the project as an intern, the team at Owen already went through around a hundred different sketches and iterations.

I started right when we were down to the final seven logo options. My role was to help build out these final logos into mockups and presentation decks for Metro to narrow down.

When the final logo was nailed down, Metro asked us to continue to build out their brand with new colors, typography, patterns, illustrations, and collateral.